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If you’ve come here looking for new progressive metal bands or releases you might well be already familiar with most of the bands I mention here on this page, but maybe you’ll also discover something new, who knows. This is my personal top list, and different lists will look quite different

My personal Top progressive metal bands:

  1. Symphony X

Symphony X logo on top progressive metal bandsMy first dig into prog metal. Hailing from New Jersey, US, Symphony X have been around for 21 years now and have 9 albums to their credit, including the brand new (released 24th of July 15) Underworld. Symphony X stand out through the amazingly powerful vocals of Russel Allen and the intricate guitarwork of Michael Romeo. Read more

  1. Kamelot

Kamelot logoKamelot have been round even longer than Symphony X, 24 years in fact, and have released 11 studio albums including the most recent release Haven (out in May 2015). My favorite album dates back to 2005: The Black Halo has some masterpieces, the best being the 9 min track Memento Mori. Read more

  1. Orphaned Land

Orphaed Land logoOrphaned Land hail from Israel and released their first album back in 1994. Being from where they are, their music is political and used to be a kind of oriental death-doom prog. Their lastest release, All Is One (2013) however is a masterpiece of melodic oriental folk metal. Many older fans didn’t like it but for me it was the entrance key to their earlier releases. Read More

  1. Pagan’s Mind

Pagans Mind logoThe Norwegians started out in 2000 and have released 5 studio albums to date, the 6th being in the make right now. Their debut album, Infinity Divine (2000, re-recorded in 2004) is my personal favourite still. Read More

  1. Royal Hunt

Royal Hunt logoThe Danes round RH-Mastermind André Andersen started out in the late 1980ies or early 1990ies, released their first album in 1992 and have put out an incredible amount of releases since. Their latest album is scheduled to be released later in August (2015), my favourites being Paper Blood (2005), X (2010) and the 2 albums released since 2011 after return of DC Cooper to vocals: Show Me How To Live, and A Life To Die ForRead More

  1. Galneryus

Galneryus logoGalneryus are a Japanese power metal band with prog intrusions, equally productive as Royal Hunt, since the band formeation in 2001 they threw out 10 studio albums, three cover albums, six live DVDs, six EPs and three best of collections and contributed to a ton of compilation releases. My favourite is Phoenix Rising dating back to 2011 Read more

  1. Protest The Hero

Protest The Hero logoProtest The Hero are also veterans in the metal field, the band being formed back in 1999 in Canada. From playing mostly metal core they moved on to prog core and their fourth and latest album, Volition (2013) simply abounds in creativity and vitality, my absolute favourite. Read More


Now that you know my personal top progressive metal bands and where I am coming from, I’d just like to throw in a smattering of other top progressive metal bands: Dream Theater, Opeth, Tool, Queensrÿche (there is a pledgemusic campaign on for the new album, klick here), Fates Warning, Pain Of Salvation, Threshold, Between The Buried And Me, oh and I could go on for a while

Yes, I listened to all these bands, but somehow they have not yet made it to my top list. They may yet, taste develops and music can grow on you

I’ll share a Tool song with you now all the same, well it is a cover version …

Cool, isn’t it.

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