Monolith – The Mind’s Horizon (2016)

Monolith - The Mind's Horizon 2016 progressive metal, Illinois, USA

Monolith – The Mind’s Horizon (2016) Monolith – progressive metal from Indiana, founded somewhere near 2008 … Some bands manage to grow tremendously from album to album, and Monolith is one of these bands. It was only after listening to this outpour of progressive metal that is The Mind ‘s Horizon that I delved into […]

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Disforia – The Age Of Ether (2014)

Disforas The Age Of Ether 2014 progressive metal

Disforia – The Age Of Ether (2014)     Tracklisting: 1. Essence 2. Chaos 3. Dream Eater 4. Creator’s Creator 5. Infection 6. Half/Life 7. Beyond the Walls of Misery 8. Lunar Sunrise (Feat. Brittney Hayes) 9. The Dying Firmament (Feat. Hansi Kürsch) 10. The Ethereal   Disforia is one of the finest melodic progressive […]

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Chaos Frame – Regressive Metal and Q&A

Paths To Exile (2015) album cover Regressive Metal from the US by Chaos Frame

Chaos Frame     Chaos Frame is a progressive metal band from St Paul, Minneapolis formed in 2010 by Matt Hodsdon. Chaos Frame have just recently released their sophomore effort Paths To Exile, that got me instantly hooked with its memorable vocals underlayed by highly complex music. It is the kind of prog I love […]

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Eumeria metal band

Eumeria - progressive power metal

 Eumeria metal band   Eumeria metal band was formed in 2009 by Texas based keyboardist Bobby Williamson (formerly of Outworld and Thought Chamber) as well as vocal talent Johnny Tatum from the UK an international cooperation went on its way. 2011 their debut album Rebel Mind was released and recieved great reviews from all over the […]

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