New progressive metal core

Souveniers by Novelists, French metalcore, progcore band

New progressive metal core I’d like to bring a couple of releases to your notice that can loosely be headed under the progressive metal core tag. Let’s start with a young French band called Novelists and their debut album Novelists – Souvenirs Probably the video of the nude bass player helped the band along with […]

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Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire (2015) review

Damnations Angels _ The Valiant Fire (2015) symphonic progressive metal from the UK

Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire (2015) review   Damnation Angels are a symphonic powermetal band with slight progressive influences from the UK; formed in 2006. The Valiant Fire is their sophomore release after the debut 2013. I think I listened to their debut back then and liked it a lot but never really got […]

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Eumeria metal band

Eumeria - progressive power metal

 Eumeria metal band   Eumeria metal band was formed in 2009 by Texas based keyboardist Bobby Williamson (formerly of Outworld and Thought Chamber) as well as vocal talent Johnny Tatum from the UK an international cooperation went on its way. 2011 their debut album Rebel Mind was released and recieved great reviews from all over the […]

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