Cloudscape – A Voice Of Reason (2016) review

Cloudscape - A Voice Of Reason 2016 power prog metal from Sweden

Cloudscape – A Voice Of Reason (2016) — review I am not a die hard Cloudscape fan although their 2008 album Global Drama is one of my all time favorites. Nevertheless I was pleased to hear the new album announced a couple months ago. The video for the title track that was released back then […]

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Crimson Cry – Waiting For Tomorrow (2015)

Crimson Cry - Waiting For Tomorrow (2015), neoclassic power metal from Russia

Crimson Cry – Waiting For Tomorrow (2015) Crimson Cry is a power metal band founded in 2007 somewhere in Russia. I stumbled across their album by chance and I was fascinated by their mix of neoclassical metal, poppy lyrics and even more poppy vocal lines and a voice that reminded me of someone. Only for […]

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Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015)

Wings Of Destiny - Time (2015), progressive power metal from Costa Rica

Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015) Definite Edition Oh boy, what names these bands choose … I mean this time really it must have been some wings of a fortunate destiny that carried this album into my vision. Or hearing. What I read upfront: Wings Of Destiny hail from Costa Rica, a place that is […]

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Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen review

Royal Hunt - Devil's Dozen (2015) review

Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen 2015   Devil’s Dozen landed on my desk last week and I used my holidays to really listen to it on power play … 🙂  as a fan of long standing I have been stoked to hear a new album was in the make and just couldn’t wait to hear […]

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Vindictiv – A World Of Fear (2015)

Vindictiv - World Of Fear 2015

Vindictiv     I first took notice of Vindictiv when they released A Cage Of Infinity in 2013. It’s a good album, great first class guitar work by Stefan Lindholm and I really liked the vocals Marco Sandron (Fairyland, Pathosray) put in there. It seems a pity to me that they replaced him with Mark […]

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