Myrath – Legacy (2016)

Myrath - Legacy 2016 - orietal progressive power metal

Myrath – Legacy (2016) Myrath is the ultimate oriental power prog metal band in the world. And that’s a fact. I am super excited that they have not only released a new album recently – their fourth – but are also coming to Europe on tour with Symphony X. Together with Orphaned Land, Myrath leads […]

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Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)

Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)   Italy is a breeding ground for power metal bands, we all know that. A new one – Eleventh Hour – has released their debut a few days ago. Memory Of A Lifetime Journey  is a very respectable first release, well crafted and well produced.   […]

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Christian power metal – Signum Regis

Chapter IV - The Reckoning by Signum Regis, Christian power metal

Christian Power Metal Signum Regis – Chapter IV (2015) – The Reckoning If you are into progressive power metal and have Christian leanings, then Signum Regis is one of the best bands you can find at the moment. They are label mates of the mighty Theocracy (US), and their music has similarities to offer. Signum […]

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Astral Lied – The Revealing (2015)

Astral Lied, progressive power metal from Chile, debut album The Revealing

Astral Lied – The Revealing (2015)   Astral Lied is a progressive power metal band from Chile delivering The Revealing, their first album. Astral Lied were founded in 2011 and band history to date reads like the trailer for a scurillous casting show, finding this new player and that new player, and the old one […]

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Hibria – Hibria (2015)

Hibria, progressive power / trash metal, Brazil

Hibria – Hibria (2015)   Tracklisting: 01. Pain 02. Abyss 03. Tightrope 04. Life 05. Ghosts 06. Legacy 07. Ashamed 08. Church 09. Fame 10. Words 11. Pain (Karaoke Version, NA Edition Bonus Track) 12. Sir Duke (Japan Edition Bonus Track)   Hibria is a Brazilian powerhouse of progressive power / trash metal, founded in […]

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Cloudscape – Prog Power from Sweden

Voice Of Reason cover art, due out 2016 by Cloudscape, new power prog

Cloudscape UPDATE: Read album review here   Cloudscape have just released the first single A New Design plus video from their upcoming album Voice Of Reason, due out in Jan 2016. You can find the video below! For those previously unaquainted with Cloudscape, they are a Swedish powerprog metal outfit who will appeal to fans […]

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Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire (2015) review

Damnations Angels _ The Valiant Fire (2015) symphonic progressive metal from the UK

Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire (2015) review   Damnation Angels are a symphonic powermetal band with slight progressive influences from the UK; formed in 2006. The Valiant Fire is their sophomore release after the debut 2013. I think I listened to their debut back then and liked it a lot but never really got […]

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Lance King – Vocals Of Power

Lance King - A Moment In Chiros (2011)

Lance King     Is an American singer, about 50 years of age now and very productive. He has done quite a lot of different records with various bands and projects over the years. The project I am most familiar with and I like the best is Pyramaze, where Lance King stayed for three years […]

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