Crimson Cry – Waiting For Tomorrow (2015)

Crimson Cry - Waiting For Tomorrow (2015), neoclassic power metal from Russia

Crimson Cry – Waiting For Tomorrow (2015) Crimson Cry is a power metal band founded in 2007 somewhere in Russia. I stumbled across their album by chance and I was fascinated by their mix of neoclassical metal, poppy lyrics and even more poppy vocal lines and a voice that reminded me of someone. Only for […]

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Exotheria – Angels Are Calling (2015)

Exotheria - Angels Are Calling (2015), power speed metal from Italy

Exotheria – Angels Are Calling (2015) Exotheria is a power metal band from Italy, who have been playing together for 20 years, but only just released their debut album Angels Are Calling. After 4 demos they seem to have finally found the courage to enter a studio. When I heard the first minute or so […]

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Canadian Power! Drakarium EP (2015)

Drakarium progressive power metal, neoclassical, Canada

Drakarium – EP (2015, self titled)   Here’s some very cool new power metal from a Canadian band, called Drakarium. They are based north of Quebec, I think it’s the same place that Vovoid formed in back in the 1980ies. But this is quite different stuff! Tracklisting: 1.) Prelude 2.) Naine Blanche 3.) Néant 4.) […]

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Adagio metal band

Archangels In Black - 2009 by Adagio, progressive metal, power metal, neoclassic

Adagio metal band   Adagio was a French neo-classical progressive metal band headed by guitarist Stéphan Forté who wrote all the songs, and Kevin Codfert, a piano virtuoses of exceptional talent.  Their first release was a neoclassical creation pure, but over the time the music got darker, heavier and more powerful. Complex songstructures played on […]

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Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem (2015)

Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem 2015

Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem The power prog world is very small, I have always noted that. Day before yesterday I logged into the AFM Records page to see if there were any new downloads for me, and I found Savage Requiem by Magic Kingdom. I was kinda interested in that band when they released Symphony […]

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