Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)

Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)   Italy is a breeding ground for power metal bands, we all know that. A new one – Eleventh Hour – has released their debut a few days ago. Memory Of A Lifetime Journey  is a very respectable first release, well crafted and well produced.   […]

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Rhapsody Of Fire are back!

Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend 2016 progressive power metal, Italy, top band

Rhapsody Of Fire – Into The Legend 2016 reviewed The long awaited follow up of Dark Wings Of Steel is being released through AFM records. Lots of long time fans were disappointed by that latter album, and were hoping it would be getting better … Rhapsody Of Fire are back with full force I’d say […]

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Exotheria – Angels Are Calling (2015)

Exotheria - Angels Are Calling (2015), power speed metal from Italy

Exotheria – Angels Are Calling (2015) Exotheria is a power metal band from Italy, who have been playing together for 20 years, but only just released their debut album Angels Are Calling. After 4 demos they seem to have finally found the courage to enter a studio. When I heard the first minute or so […]

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Eldritch – Underlying Issues (2015)

Eldritch - UNderlying Issues 2015 Italian progressive metal

Eldritch – Underlying Issues (2015) Eldritch is an Italian prog band formed back in 1991 and Underlying Issues marks their 10th release. I must admit it’s the first album by the band I really dug into. Tasting The Tears, their last album was only released something a year and a half ago. Tracklist: 1.Changing Blood […]

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Schysma – Idiosyncrasy (2014)

Schysma - Idiosyncrasy 2014 progressive metal from Italy

Schysma – Idiosyncrasy (2014) Schysma is an Italian band, formed in Milan around 2010. They released five songs from the upcoming album as an EP back in 2012, and sent it to me for a review then. I was really impressed with the quality of the material, especially considering this was a debut release. When […]

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Soul Secret – 4 review

Soul Secret - 4 vover art, progressive metal reviews

Soul Secret – 4   Soul Secret is an Italian band formed in 2004 by Antonio Vittozzi in Naples.   4 is the first I heard from them and I would describe their music as progressive alt metal/rock. Passages of rock with clean guitars and piano alternate with bursts of heavy distorted guitars. Once or […]

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Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy EP review

Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy EP review   I’d like to introduce you to Schysma, an Italian progressive metal band who released an EP in Septmeber 2012. I think these are tracks that will also go on the full album that is scheduled to be released later in the year.   Tracks: 01. Lost In The […]

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