War Dance – Wrath For The Ages (2015)

war dance wrath for the ages 2015 powermetal greece

War Dance – Wrath For The Ages (2015) Back we are in Greece again, the output from there seems to be endless just now. Founded 2010 in Athens War Dance stuck a demo together rather quickly and managed to get on stage in record time, playing with famous bands like Manilla Road or Warlord and […]

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Astral Crossing – Revenant (2015)

Revenant by Astral Crossing, power prog / thrash metal from Greece

Astral Crossing – Revenant (2015) Here we have a band that has really taken its time to grow … Astral Crossing was active from 1991 to 1999 in Thessaloniki / Greece, recorded a demo but never put out a release then. Now after some 14 years the band found its way together again, and in […]

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Endomain – new power metal from Greece

New power metal from Greece, Endomain with Step In The Machine

Endomain – Step In The Machine (2015), new power metal from Greece   New power metal from Athens, Greece here, folks. Endomain is a young band formed in 2011 and presenting their debut called Step In The Machine released a few days ago.     Tracklisting: 1. Step In The Machine 2. Into The Faint […]

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