Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)

Septerra - Freedom Of The Dark One (2016) progressive powermetall brazil

Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)   Septerra is one of those bands that stick around for years before recording an album. Septerra took 13 years, only putting out an EP in 2009. Now finally they present their debut album Freedom Of The Dark One.   Tracklist: Nightfall Nightmare (The Terror from Within) […]

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Rygel – Revolution (2015)

Rygel - Revolution (2015) power thrash metal from Brazil

Rygel – Revolution (2015) Recently I wrote about Hibria from Brazil. Another power prog band from Brazil is Rygel, and they are not unsimilar to Hibria. Rygel is powerthrash with a touch of speedmetal added. If anything, Rygel are even heavier than Hibria, have a more modern approach and some death metal elements incorporated. And […]

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Hibria – Hibria (2015)

Hibria, progressive power / trash metal, Brazil

Hibria – Hibria (2015)   Tracklisting: 01. Pain 02. Abyss 03. Tightrope 04. Life 05. Ghosts 06. Legacy 07. Ashamed 08. Church 09. Fame 10. Words 11. Pain (Karaoke Version, NA Edition Bonus Track) 12. Sir Duke (Japan Edition Bonus Track)   Hibria is a Brazilian powerhouse of progressive power / trash metal, founded in […]

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