Progressive Metal Album Reviews

Progressive metal album reviews

As I am writing this, on a hot summer day in 2015 great things are happening in my progressive world – new releases by Symphony X and Kamelot and a new Royal Hunt release coming up, kinda all of my favourite bands are releasing new stuff. Awesome!

Royal Hunt - Devil's Dozen cover art

Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen (2015)

I am very likely not going to review most of these albums, cause there will be hundreds of reviews for them out there anyway. You won’t have to look too hard for them. And I am biased … Of course if you want my opinion, in my posts you will find it.

Here are the latest progressive metal album reviews:


Reviews of releases by fairly new and unknown bands

What I want to do on my page most of all is review albums by more obscure or very new bands that deserve a spotlight and won’t find it yet awhile in other places;

most of all I will review every album that gets sent to me or that gets a review request.

That is, if you are in my category, at least mostly. I admit I cannot review music with death vocals, squeals, Black Metal, Grindcore, Sludge … as I just cannot sit through a whole album, and maybe not even a whole song of this. No offence, I just can’t stand it.

If you want to request a progressive metal album review just send me your details to I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Not matter if it is your own band you want to push or if you want to back you fav power prog dig out, let me know.

I have a couple of albums that I want to review in the near future, including Italian band Schysma, who put out their full lenght in Nov 2014, Whispers In Crimson’s album Suicide In B Minor, a politically motivated album from an Iranian artist, and a few others.

So you see, this is going to be fun



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2 Responses so far.

  1. Hello Heidi,

    I am the guitarist of a power prog band called Unified Past from New York. We are not prog-metal, but we are power prog and have a powerful yet melodic sound. I am not sure if we would interest you, but I think we just might and we have a new release coming on 9/15/15 and I thought you might find it interesting. The first release from the new CD is on our Website, as it some instrumentals and other music from our last recording. If you like what you hear, I can send you the whole thing. Thanks for your time and consideration,

    Steve Speelman
    Unified Past

    • powerprog says:

      Hi Steve thxs for getting in touch! Yeah I listened to the music on your page and liked it indeed. I’d happily write up something about your new release, it’s your 7th album as far as I can gather? You can send me some info on your band as well, I always like to get a background. Great!

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