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Metal links and resources to go to for more news, album and live reviews, interviews and general chit chat

A list of the best power prog bands, updated regularly (forever work in progress) – please send me your suggestions!

My own channels

YouTubeMy Youtube channel

with over 100 powerprog playlists and powerprog uploads


PowerProgMetal on wordpress – I was most active in 2012 and 2013, then I flagged a bit 🙂 still there’s a lot of bands up there to check out


My favourite metal links


ProgMetalZone_Logo_Large-1webWeekly dose of new progressive releases, time and again reviews and interviews



Power Prog

German Label dedicated to melodic prog, power metal, symphonic, hard rock and AOR. Special policy of digging out formerly released material that went unnoticed for re-release

The Metal Forum

Join the community to chat about all things metal and otherwise between earth and sky

Encyclopaedia Metallum

The biggest metal Wiki on the net, curated community contributed collection of bands and releases

MyGlobalMind webzine

Gig reviews, Interviews, album reviews. Not only powerprog but also a lot of hard rock

Angry Metal Guy

Metal blog, reviews, interviews

The Metal Syndicate

News, reviews, webzine, radio, TV “To further your metal education”

Metalhead community on facebook

This will be updated always as I go along, there are far more resources that I quite frequently go to, but I simply cannot add them all at once. There are quite a few community driven sites out there that offer vast ranges of coverage. They are good reference points, but I always feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of bands, and of bands in any genre of metal at all.

That’s why I stick with those that help me predecide what to listen to. The ProgMetalZone offers a newsletter delivering fresh releases to your inbox each week, that’s a very nice feature.

Other links

Spillbean – Find any blog on any topic you are interested in
Blogging Fusion Blog Directory
Music Blog Directory

Blogs lists and reviews
What are your favorite links? Send me your suggestions please!!

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