Hidden Gems

The Hidden Gems

or the Best of unknown Power Metal and unknown Progressive Metal

In Progressive Metal it happens more frequently than in any other genre I know of that albums are

Faces by Oceans of time cover art in unknown progressive metal

recorded and released not by regular bands but rather by projects, there being a composer who usually also plays one or more (sometimes even all) instruments, and some session musicians.

These releases can easily end up as unknown progressive metal (except those by Supergroups) because these projects rarely play a live show and sometimes only one album is released ever.

Other unknown progressive metal bands simply don’t have the resources to reach out to a broader audience. Some of them are excellent but never get farther than playing a local festival if in fact they can get that far even.

Some of these releases are quite noteworthy, in fact I consider one of my favourite albums to be a hidden gem.

You can see the cover art up there, Oceans Of Time is a Norwegian band and Faces is a stunning album, abounding in musical vitality. I hoped for the follow up album to be released in 2014 but so far it hassn’t appeared.

My hidden gems:

Where else to find Hidden Gems

There is one German label, it happens so that it is also called Power Prog, who have made it their policy to find such Hidden Gems and rerelease them for a broader audience.

If you are interested visit their page. They are quite frequently giving out free downloads of their upcoming releases.

It was on their page I found a rerelease of Lance King‘s, an excellent singer whose album sits in my collection, a collection of hard melodic tracks, and Lance has great vocals to deliver them.

Another band I found through them is Kenziner, their latest release called The Last Horizon is an awesome progressive power album in the vein of Pagans Mind or similar bands, very listenable.

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