Bless The Knights – Bless The Knights (2016)

Bless The Knights modern metal, progressive metal Indonesia

Bless The Knights – Bless The Knights (2016) Bless The Knights is a what they call ‘modern’ metal band from Indonesia. Modern in this case consists of groovy riffs, proggy infusions that take on some weird forms as you will read later on and melodic songs.   Tracklist: Bless The Knight The Boundary of Laughter […]

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Feisty Prey – Dysfunctional Legs (2015)

feisty prey dysfunctional legs 2015 progcore metalcore

Feisty Prey – Dysfunctional Legs (2015)   Feisty Prey may be a bit out of my usual line, because this is some really funny progressive metal core, but I got to jump in the hole and support some for some fellow countrymen, don’t I. I stumbled across their new album Dysfunctional Legs on facebook and […]

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New progressive metal core

Souveniers by Novelists, French metalcore, progcore band

New progressive metal core I’d like to bring a couple of releases to your notice that can loosely be headed under the progressive metal core tag. Let’s start with a young French band called Novelists and their debut album Novelists – Souvenirs Probably the video of the nude bass player helped the band along with […]

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Max Pie – Odd Memories

Odd Memories - Max Pie (2015)

New progressive metal core turned to power metal I just had a listen to the new album by the Belgian power prog / prog core band Max Pie, released in May. I like it! Going on from where the band left off with Eight Pieces – One World (2013) the overall sound and feel of […]

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