Sunburst – Fragments Of Creation (2016)

SUNBURST-FRAGMENTS OF CREATION 2016 debut of Greek power prog metal band

Sunburst – Fragments Of Creation (2016)   Greece is a hotbed for melodic metal, and Sunburst is one of the hottest bands to be rising from there at the moment. Sunburst was founded in 2010 by members of Black Fate and Paradox (two bands you also should check out) – what attracted me first and […]

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Myrath – Legacy (2016)

Myrath - Legacy 2016 - orietal progressive power metal

Myrath – Legacy (2016) Myrath is the ultimate oriental power prog metal band in the world. And that’s a fact. I am super excited that they have not only released a new album recently – their fourth – but are also coming to Europe on tour with Symphony X. Together with Orphaned Land, Myrath leads […]

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Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)

Septerra - Freedom Of The Dark One (2016) progressive powermetall brazil

Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)   Septerra is one of those bands that stick around for years before recording an album. Septerra took 13 years, only putting out an EP in 2009. Now finally they present their debut album Freedom Of The Dark One.   Tracklist: Nightfall Nightmare (The Terror from Within) […]

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Avantasia – Ghostlights (2016)


Avantasia – Ghostlights (2016)     Avantasia has never been a favorite of mine, that much has to be said. If you are an ardent fan you can move on and find a different blog to sing the praise. My main objection to Avantasia has always been that it is to theatrical, not heavy enough […]

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Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)

Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)   Italy is a breeding ground for power metal bands, we all know that. A new one – Eleventh Hour – has released their debut a few days ago. Memory Of A Lifetime Journey  is a very respectable first release, well crafted and well produced.   […]

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Rhapsody Of Fire are back!

Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend 2016 progressive power metal, Italy, top band

Rhapsody Of Fire – Into The Legend 2016 reviewed The long awaited follow up of Dark Wings Of Steel is being released through AFM records. Lots of long time fans were disappointed by that latter album, and were hoping it would be getting better … Rhapsody Of Fire are back with full force I’d say […]

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Escaped prog albums 2015 pt 3

Amorphis Under The Red Cloud 2015

Even more Prog albums that escaped my review in 2015 And here we have heavyweights to get into, and a bit of the more weird stuff. And I’ll conclude the escaped prog albums 2015 with this post although there are still more. If you are hungry, check out Tylor Dory Trio, Traillight, Chaosbay, Sonus Corona, […]

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Escaped progressive metal albums 2015 pt 2

Waken Eyes 2015

Progressive metal albums that escaped my review in 2015, continued Still more albums to go through! Some heavyweights like Waken Eyes and Angra on here, and a bunch of new bands as well. You’ll find the Deezer playlist on the bottom again, hit play and listen while you read. (You may have to log in […]

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