Seyminhol – The Wayward Son – Hamlet in Metal

Seyminhol – The Wayward Son (2015) A metal take on of the Hamlet story   Thanks to Nico of Seyminhol I received the promo for The Wayward Son. Simply said, it is concept album based on the Hamlet story, executed as symphonic metal. And that could be that. Only, when I got down to listening […]

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Koen Herfst – Back To Balance (2015)

Koen Herfst - Back To Balance (2105) progressive metal collaboration

Koen Herfst – Back To Balance (2015) Frankly I can’t remember how I stumbled across Koen Herfst. What I read about him didn’t help evaluate the release at all. He seems to be one of the best drummers in the Netherlands, working mostly for a DJ Armin Van Buuren (I heard this name before, but […]

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Standing Ovation – Gravity Beats Nuclear (2015)

Standing Ovation - Gravity Beats Nuclear (2015) progressive metal from Finland

Standing Ovation – Gravity Beats Nuclear (2015) As I say somewhere before I found this release on the TOP 50 List for 2015 on Prog Metal Zone, and then the band got in touch to ask me for a review. Of course I am happy to do this. Standing Ovation – to fill you in […]

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Escaped progressive metal albums 2015 pt 2

Waken Eyes 2015

Progressive metal albums that escaped my review in 2015, continued Still more albums to go through! Some heavyweights like Waken Eyes and Angra on here, and a bunch of new bands as well. You’ll find the Deezer playlist on the bottom again, hit play and listen while you read. (You may have to log in […]

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Best of progressive metal 2015

Zierler - ESC 2015 progressive metal release

Best of progressive metal 2015 My end of the year post 🙂 and of course I take an absolutely personal approach to this Best Of … power prog. 2015 has been a year of helter skelter happenings in the world, but I like to focus on the positive things, and who can deny music is […]

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Iscariota – Historica Zycia (History Of Life)

Iscariota - Historia Zycia (History Of Life) Polish power thrash metal

Iscariota – Historica Zycia (History Of Life) Powerthrash metal from Poland Iscariota is a Polish metal band, I recently found this album through a tweet and went to the band’s bandcamp to listen. I stayed for several listens through the album. I am not quite sure what attracts me most about their music. Very likely […]

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Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015)

Wings Of Destiny - Time (2015), progressive power metal from Costa Rica

Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015) Definite Edition Oh boy, what names these bands choose … I mean this time really it must have been some wings of a fortunate destiny that carried this album into my vision. Or hearing. What I read upfront: Wings Of Destiny hail from Costa Rica, a place that is […]

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Forces United – IV (2015)

Forces United - IV (2015), power and progressive metal project, international

Forces United – IV (2015) Forces United is a recording project started by the producer Kirill Nemolyaev. Kirill himself is a singer too, resides in Russia and has brought together a huge bunch of musicians, who take turns on instruments and vocals. The release here, called IV is the first full length, following three EPs […]

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