Escaped progressive metal albums 2015 part I

Tad Morose St. Demonius 2015

Progressive metal albums that somehow or other escaped being reviewed by me last year …  … and why you shouldn’t let them escape your attention altogether Happy New Year to all of you from us here at Power Prog Metal! Now that 2016 has arrived and we’re all set for the upcoming releases I will […]

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Kerion – Cloudriders Pt 2: Technowars out now

Kerion - CloudRiders Pt2: Techmowars 2015 symphonic female fronted power metal

Kerion – Cloudriders Pt 2: Technowars out now   The French symphonic power metal band Kerion is back! After their stunning release of CloudRiders Part 1 in 2012 here is the follow up and Part 2 entitled Technowars. Tracks & Cover 01. Riders Theme (Intro) 02. The Legacy 03. Take Me On! 04. Rise Of […]

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New progressive metal releases

New progressive metal band Amrinan - Songs For Son (2015)

Some new progressive metal releases Thought I’d check out some new progressive metal bands and new progressive metal releases and write some quick mini – reviews. I also add a simple star rating to show my approval / disapproval   Immanent – Human Reflection Immanent is a French progressive metal band formed in 2008 and […]

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Female fronted power metal

Female Fronted Power Metal Let me bet: I say female fronted metal you think: Nightwish Nightwish of course is an exceptional band in every way, as regards innovativeness, musicianship and technical skill. I only once in my life saw a band who attempted to play a Nightwish tribute show. Not only was their vocalist a […]

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Warmen – Japanese Hospitality (2009)

Warmen – Japanese Hospitality (2013) Warmen is a progressive metal band featuring guest vocalists. Just before the finishing of the new album I delved into the last release, Japanese Hospitality (2009) Tracklist 01 Japanese Hospitality 02 Eye Of The Storm 03 Goodbye 04 My Fallen Angel 05 Don’t Bring Her Here 06 High Heels On Cobblestone […]

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