Adagio metal band

Archangels In Black - 2009 by Adagio, progressive metal, power metal, neoclassic

Adagio metal band   Adagio was a French neo-classical progressive metal band headed by guitarist Stéphan Forté who wrote all the songs, and Kevin Codfert, a piano virtuoses of exceptional talent.  Their first release was a neoclassical creation pure, but over the time the music got darker, heavier and more powerful. Complex songstructures played on […]

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Lance King – Vocals Of Power

Lance King - A Moment In Chiros (2011)

Lance King     Is an American singer, about 50 years of age now and very productive. He has done quite a lot of different records with various bands and projects over the years. The project I am most familiar with and I like the best is Pyramaze, where Lance King stayed for three years […]

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Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy EP review

Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy EP review   I’d like to introduce you to Schysma, an Italian progressive metal band who released an EP in Septmeber 2012. I think these are tracks that will also go on the full album that is scheduled to be released later in the year.   Tracks: 01. Lost In The […]

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Illuuminus – Wheels Of Resurrection review

Wheels Of Ressurection

Illuuminus – Wheels Of Resurrection review   Illuuminus is a progressive heavy metal band from Warrnambool, Australia, brainchild of the guitarist and songwriter Mark Halliwell. The band kindly sent me their album to review. This is heavy metal in the classic style. The band quote Black Sabbath, Dio and Iron Maiden as their influences and […]

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Eclipse Prophecy

Eclipse Prophecy - Days Of Judgement (2013)

Eclipse Prophecy The brainchild of David Mc Gregor (lead vocals and guitars), Montreal, Canada based Eclipse Prophecy were formed in 2003, and went through a number of band member changes including keyboardist Frederik Dufresne, only to settle on their current line-up in 2010. Their new line-up that performed on “Days of Judgment” includes David Mc […]

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Warmen – Japanese Hospitality (2009)

Warmen – Japanese Hospitality (2013) Warmen is a progressive metal band featuring guest vocalists. Just before the finishing of the new album I delved into the last release, Japanese Hospitality (2009) Tracklist 01 Japanese Hospitality 02 Eye Of The Storm 03 Goodbye 04 My Fallen Angel 05 Don’t Bring Her Here 06 High Heels On Cobblestone […]

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The PUi Tribe, a phenomenon

The PUi Tribe, a phenomenon   Yesterday I came across a band called PUi, or the PUi Tribe who are going to release their debut album Neo-Primal this Sat in NYC. They are streaming the album from their homepage and, well they had me glued. It’s hard to describe their music, think System Of A Down […]

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