Monolith – The Mind’s Horizon (2016)

Monolith – The Mind’s Horizon (2016)

Monolith – progressive metal from Indiana, founded somewhere near 2008 …

Some bands manage to grow tremendously from album to album, and Monolith is one of these bands. It was only after listening to this outpour of progressive metal that is The Mind ‘s Horizon that I delved into Monolith’s debut release, Divisions. Great and creative as the debut is, where Divisions is disjointed The Mind’s Horizon has a great flow.

Monolith - The Mind's Horizon 2016 progressive metal, Indiana, USA

Monolith – The Mind’s Horizon 2016


1. In Effigy
2. From Darkness Unto Dawn
3. Perihelion
4. Embers On The Wind
5. The Monolith
6. Deathless Delirium
7. Last Light


The Mind’s Horizon: Desolation Within

Divisions has a great lot of musical ideas, but the songs sometimes seem to be just a collection, a throw-it-all-together, whereas in The Mind’s Horizon everything runs effortlessly from one wild burst of death into subdued rock and back again.

And more, Divisions is an instrumental, The Mind’s Horizon adds Jake Quintanilla’s voice, he’s an extremely versatile vocalist. From clean singing to harshest death or black, it’s all there when needed and fitting.

The rest is extremely diverse as well. Overall, a strong impression of old school heavy metal and thrash will never leave you while listening. Broken up by excursions into the realms of arabic harmonies and percussion, black metal, acoustic rock, melodic metal, doomy atmospheric layers,  you name it – they got it. Guitar riffing plays a great role in Monolith’s music, from repetitive to ultra complex, using time-changes and intricate rhythmical patterns. Some 70ies sounding synths add to the old school feel. The album, mind, is not an easy one to digest: Most of the tracks are really long, over ten minutes, Last Light even clocks in at over 20 minutes. Several themes, feels, atmospheres and styles meet during the long excesses, and take you on a ride.

The Mind’s Horizon is the first part of what is going to be a two part release, Monolith are already working on the second half, even if they only just released the first. An ambitious project … and if the band can manage to grow with the next release like they managed to grow since the last, this next part is something to look even more forward to.

I’d recommend you also check out some of their debut album songs on youtube because it is really interesting to hear where the band comes from, and some of the songs have some really great parts as well.

You can stream the full album on youtube, thanks Momolith for that. I hope I made you curious, turn up the volume ans give it a go …



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Monolith are:

Jake Quintanilla – Vocals
Kyle Ludovice- Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Jason Schultz- Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Ben Rose – Bass Guitar
Marshawn Fondren- Drums, Percussion


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