Myrath – Legacy (2016)

Myrath – Legacy (2016)

Myrath is the ultimate oriental power prog metal band in the world. And that’s a fact. I am super excited that they have not only released a new album recently – their fourth – but are also coming to Europe on tour with Symphony X. Together with Orphaned Land, Myrath leads the scene for arabic-folk flavoured metal, but whereas Orphaned Land started out on more death style and only with their last drop, All Is One discovered their more symphonic side, Myrath have a solid history of progressive power metal – melodic and heavy.


Myrath - Legacy 2016 - orietal progressive power metal

Legacy – 2016

Get Your Freedom Back
Nobody’s Lives
The Needle
Through Your Eyes
The Unburnt
I want To Die
Endure The Silence
Storm Of Lies



Oriental progressive power metal

Legacy is a self titled album insofar as Myrath translates to Legacy. In a recent interview the band explained that the band name was chosen because they cherish both their Tunisian traditional heritage and the metal music continuity. Combining Arabic harmonies – which is the music that accompanied all of them all their lives, with metal – the music they love most, comes natural to them and is not anything superimposed or affected for any reason whatsoever.

To elaborate even further, the band explained that Tunisian music is more complex that Arabian music as it includes Andalusian, malouf and berber influences, something you won’t find farther East and which makes Tunisian musical scales and Myrath stand out even more.


Maybe it’s not just my feeling,that I believe the oriental influences on Legacy are even more marked marked than on previous albums. Right from the intro track, Jasmin, it is clear what you will get with this album.

It opens with the Ney I believe – an oriental flute – and throughout the album there are the most beautiful string arrangements. The strings carry a lot or most of the melodies actually, most of the time they are simply majestic and imposing, at other times subtle and fragile. But always always the 1000 &1 Nights – feel, carrying you away to some wonderland of desert cities and beautiful women belly dancing. And married to the strings there are the guitars, the awesome drums kicking it really hard and the powerful vocals. Legacy is heavy, but not always obviously so.

Just listen to Get Your Freedom Back and how the percussions, guitars and drums weave a carpet of intricate sound, a magic carpet for the melodies to float on …
or the drums ringing out like shotguns in the beginning of The Needle, bringing you back to harsher realities … or the cinematic royal carriage of Through Your Eyes.

Myrath have definitely taken their music to a higher level again this time. If Tales Of The Sands was a great step from Desert Call, Legacy is almost a leap. Legacy leaves nothing to ask for. I cannot wait to experience Myrath live on stage, from the videos I’ve seen their show is nothing spectacular, except for the belly dancers they seem to bring on stage quite frequently – but the band performs killer and delivers, personality, musicianship and energy.

Here goes, the video for Believer, the first to be released, 150k views in less than a month:


Grab the chance to see Myrath live, or grab a copy of the album at least. Totally must have.


get Myrath music here:                

Tales From The Sand $13.99 on

Myrath are:

Malek Ben Arbia – guitars
Zaher Zorgati – lead vocals
Anis Jouini – bass
Elyes Bouchoucha – keyboards
Morgan Bethet- drums

Guest musicians on Legacy:

Kévin Codfert     Guitars (additional), Piano
Mohamed Gharbi     Violin, Viola
Bechir Gharbi     Violin
Hamza Obba     Violin, Viola
Riadh Ben Amor     Violin
Akram Ben Romdhane     Lute
Koutaiba Rahali     Ney

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