Bless The Knights – Bless The Knights (2016)

Bless The Knights – Bless The Knights (2016)

Bless The Knights is a what they call ‘modern’ metal band from Indonesia. Modern in this case consists of groovy riffs, proggy infusions that take on some weird forms as you will read later on and melodic songs.

Bless The Knights modern metal, progressive metal Indonesia

Bless The Knights 2016



Bless The Knight
The Boundary of Laughter and Sadness
Hell Is the Best Place for You
Release the Beast Inside You
You’ve Created Your Own Monster
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Surrounded by Idiots (Featuring Eet Sjahranie & Arya Setyadi)
Kill the Tyranny



Bless The Knights

If you can live with pig-squeals, grunts and growls you will find this very enjoyable. I have a really hard time with these kinds of vocals, and only listened through the album because of the really good instrumental material the band presented me with in between the grunting, and the clean vocals, that are also very present, in fact make up about half of the singing. If they release the album as a karaoke-version CD I am the first to buy …

No seriously, there are passages of cool clean vocals, that I dig, and what the guitars and drums are doing is head-bang stuff on a very high level of quality and musicianship.

The Intro called Bless The Knights like band and album is an instrumental and kicks us into the mood for the opening track The Boundary Of Laughter And Sadness – a six minute ride through melodic metal, a proggy hard-rock guitar solo and the aforementioned grunts. Guitars do some heavy riffing with a cutting edge sound – you can appreciate it even more on the opening of the next track Hell Is The Best Place For You.

The songs are groovy with killer riffs, a crystal clear sound – excellent production – an abundance of musical ideas and tons of melody. Some of the guitar solos sound weird and dissonant and are always executed with skill and tons of guts.

Releasing The Beast Within You is one of my favorite tracks with its riffs and lots of melodic vocals. The next song You’ve Created Your Own Monster features some vocals very close to rap, and I like this very much too. The clean vox in this song on the other hand are not so great, the melodies sound sometimes off to me. Redemption shines out with a long guitar solo and some funky-fusion bass lines.

In fact nearly all of the songs here are killing it with harsh and cutting guitars, and somehow the drumming is very much in the fore, not because the drums are loud – no, they are placed just right in the mix, but the drummer must be a really good man, knows his stuff from beginning to end. There’s only one exception:

Light At The End Of The Tunnel sounds like a mash up of Bryan Adams and Alter Bridge. An almost pop song, epic melodic, easy listening harmonies, heavy guitars only in the chorus. A totally too long guitar solo (I mean too long by standards of mainstream music) followed by a We-Are-The-World chorus with hand claps and choirs, and then the inevitable last chorus halftone up – and the whole song more than 6 minutes long … Well this track is so incongruous inside the context of the album it’s almost ridiculous. But obviously the band don’t have any scruples at all challenging their listeners with this show-off of such unlikely diversity.



Bless The Knights started out in 2009, then as ‘Blitzkrieg’ (quick war). They recorded an album, played some gigs, even big ones, but soon only two of the original members were left. For the release of a new album they decided to rename the band, using something they deemed more appropriate for a worldwide release.


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Bless The Knights are:

Rizki Lasma     Drums
Fritz Faraday     Guitars
Olgie Alvianus     Guitars
Novy Rock     Vocals

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