Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)

Septerra – Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)


Septerra is one of those bands that stick around for years before recording an album. Septerra took 13 years, only putting out an EP in 2009. Now finally they present their debut album Freedom Of The Dark One.

Septerra - Freedom Of The Dark One (2016) progressive powermetall brazil

Freedom Of The Dark One (2016)



Nightmare (The Terror from Within)
The Awakening
The Well of Nothingness
Forlorn Hope
Beneath My Skin
Sacred Gates
Keeper of Dreams
Freedom of the Dark One
Dark Symphony
River Red



hail from Brazil delivering progressive power metal. You can hear some influences by bands like Hibria or Rygel, who indulge in powerthrash – in Septerra there are touches of less melodic and thrashier lines in the vocals for instance, but also symphonic elements and influences of Scandinavian power metal.

Actually Septerra reminds me a lot of Pagan’s Mind, especially the main vocalist and his layout of melody lines. Freedom Of The Dark One features a lot of almost shouted rather than sung vocals, sometimes shouted in choir even. The emphasis definitely is not on powerful, melodic, epic or even glorious singing like we get in Italian power metal. Thrown in occasionally are short growl-passages, where these function more as musical embellishment than real vocal lines.

The guitar riffing and rhythms are again more thrash than power to my ears at least, but sometimes the keyboards take over the rhythm-riff parts as well, and here we get into the more proggier fields. Some of the riffs are rather complex both in rhythmic concept and harmonies, they are never epic and surely not cheesy. Guitar- and synthsolos work side by side and I like the choice of synth sounds, sometimes spacey, sometimes nearer 70ies prog like Emerson.

Frankly, when I gave the album a first spin I was not really impressed. What I retained was a detected similarity to Pagan’s Mind, like I already said. Maybe this also was the reason to put the record on replay for a second round. I’d say it speaks for Septerra’s music that on second and third listen I started to appreciate the songs. They are not obviously catchy, not easy to grasp on the surface, it’s only when I started to dig in more deeply that I noticed the intricate synth parts for instance.

Recommended for a first listen are Dark Symphony, Nightmare (The TerrorFrom Within) and Sacred Gates. Only the last song River Red still makes me winch sometimes, this one seems unmusical, unharmonic and not quite ripe. Although ambitious, featuring some very nice female backing voclas, the slow song grinding through more or less out-sounding melodies is not for me.

Summing up I can recommend this album to any fan of the already mentioned bands, fans of the thrashy power metal kind, fans of melodic metal, and even those that like classic thrash like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Metallica will find something here.



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Septerra are:

Marcio Kendi     Bass
Marcio Fernandez     Guitars, Vocals (harsh)
Diego Felix     Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Filippe ZK     Vocals (lead)


Visit the band’s official homepage (in Portugese)

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