Feisty Prey – Dysfunctional Legs (2015)

Feisty Prey – Dysfunctional Legs (2015)


Feisty Prey may be a bit out of my usual line, because this is some really funny progressive metal core, but I got to jump in the hole and support some for some fellow countrymen, don’t I.
I stumbled across their new album Dysfunctional Legs on facebook and very likely just listened to their songs because they are from Austria.

feisty prey dysfunctional legs 2015 progcore metalcore

Dysfunctional Legs 2015



1 Hang Loose
2 Setting Sails
3 Onetyone
4 Boogie Man
5 Bruce Prisnan
6 Bus Stop
7 Scratch the Itch
8 Eiffel
9 Pregnant Cat
10 Corkscrew
11 Schrumm Schrumm


Feisty Prey

have managed to put out an album that is captivating from the beginning, has a lot of groove and good hooks, keeps up the tension throughout and has just enough of the more weirder stuff going on to keep us all from boredom.

With the first song Hang Loose we jump straight into Feisty Prey’s strange world. The vocals here are alternating between higher shouting and deeper grunting. There’s not much happening on the vocal side, actually the lines are strictly repetitive which makes them memorable. In between the guitars indulge in strange riffs and funny things that are not really connected to the song at all and mark the first progressive touches in the album.

Setting Sails is very different, it has a more typical metal core outlay, a very catchy melody line of clean vocals and core shouting in between. The prog is not making itself felt here and the song could become a favorite of any core fan. The hookline of the chorus is an earworm and will keep creeping in and out of your brain for a while. Ontyone falls much into the same category but features a very nice guitar solo.

After that Feisty Prey throw in a couple of more proggy songs that will be to the linking of people who are fans of Protest The Hero and such.

Boogie Man opens up with a satisfyingly dissonant guitar riff and some equally strange choir-singing then sets in. The riffing gets even stranger later on when the vocals go into shouting and growling. The song keeps up the quality with a slight peak of weird voclas at the end.

Bruce Prisnan is also a great song, the guitars here do less riffing, lay down more conventional rhythm chords and the vocals alternate between melodic clean high up and the occasional deep growling. In the end we get an unexpected piano outro that leads us into the steely riffing and shouting of Bus Stop. In here we get another more conventional song outlay, though at times the guitar lines are on the weird side, and the rhythms broken up by outer time fills on guitars and drums. It surely doesn’t get boring!

Scratch The Itch is the metal core equivalent of what some Frank Zappa songs do, namely play a lot of stuff the way it shouldn’t be played, unisono lines of singing and guitars, strange pronounciation and surprised sounding clean vocals.

Eiffel has the noteworthy lyrics: I am the tower … of power … never have to take a shower …   lol. At the end of Dysfunctional Legs we have songs named Pregnant Cat – a wild fare of entertaining stylistic mash ups, Cork Screw and Schrumm Schrumm (this German expression can be used either as in – this person is Schrumm Schrumm meaning he is nuts, or as a description of what a guitar player does when accompanying people singing at the campfire) – this one lives up to the nuts side of its name rather well, more than the campfire side …


Summing up this debut is diverse and playful, not really breaking all the rules but a good many. The musical ideas have been set in scene skillfully and you can hear these musicians know what they are doing. Recommended for anyone who likes core with a twist on the weirder side of harmonies.

Feisty Pray hail from Graz, Austria, and started making music as far back as 2006 when the core team (pun intended) consisting of drummer Paul and guitar player Manuel got together. The band released an EP in 2008 but since then had to cope with a lot of line up changes and stagnation. That’s why Dysfunctional Legs is only their debut full length after almost ten years of band history.

I hope the band will keep it up now as the album is promising a lot and even if the band didn’t develop and go on from here and just produce more of the same in coming years it will be a very refreshing addition to the metal core scene.


Find Feisty Pray music on bandcamp or here:


Feisty Prey are:

Chris – Lead Vocals
Paul – Lead Drums
Manuel – Lead Lead Guitar
Gerfried – Lead Rhythm Guitar
Olli – Lead Bass

Visit the band’s facebook page

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