Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)

Eleventh Hour – Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)


Italy is a breeding ground for power metal bands, we all know that. A new one – Eleventh Hour – has released their debut a few days ago. Memory Of A Lifetime Journey  is a very respectable first release, well crafted and well produced.




1. Sunshine’s Not Too Far
2. All I Left Behind
3. Jerusalem
4. Back To You
5. Sleeping In My Dreams
6. Long Road Home
7. Requiem From A Prison
8. Island In The Sun
9. After All We’ve Been Missing
10. Here Alone


Eleventh Hour’s music is a rather progressive take on of power metal. The sound overall is very heavy, but there are also a lot of symphonic elements included as well. The obligatory ballads we find in the form of Sleepig In My Dreams and the last track Here Alone, where Susanna Carboni adds her angelic soprano voice.

But most of the songs are heavy enough, and very dynamic, one of my favorites is Requiem From A Prison that comes in symphonic, then going really heavy, and featuring a slow bridge with church organ likes in the back. The guitar solos tend to be long drawn swipes, very melodic and with a taste of hard rock or AOR to them, but not in this song that has a great shredding fast-finger solo. The rhythm riffs on the other hand tend to be hard and on the complex side, serving the more proggy tastes.

After All We’ve Been Missing is another great example of the dynamics, with its mezmerizing and pounding rhythm section in the verses and short instrumental interludes that leave a neoclassic taste in the mouth. Musically, the song is not quite as rounded off as the rest of the album in my opinion, trying to get too many diverging styles under one hood. But I still like it for its thorough heavyness.

So, Memory Of A Lifetime Journey is a worthy addition to the prog power metal world. It doesn’t bring anything very new to the table, but it delivers more than solid metal –  melodic, diverse and entertaining. Give the album a few spins and tell me if you’ll not agree.

There’s also a concept behind the album that may have a relevance to today’s worldwide refugee drama, namely it is an album

dedicated to all who had to leave their homeland, their love, their friends. To all who tried to survive with the hope to come back to their places and their roots to finally reunite with the values of friendship and love.

(taken from the official home page)

Eleventh Hour as a band was born in 2014, out of Aldo Turini’s creative urge. The band members are no beginners – you can hear that anyway, though most of their former or other projects are unknown to me. Except maybe Alessandro Del Vecchio’s, who is a very prolific musician, serving keyboard duties in a lot of bands like the Germans Vodoo Circle and Silent Forces, singing in others and working as a producer. His mixing and mastering gave the final touch to the Eleventh Hour album as well, and he did a great job.

Here’s an outtake, where you can get a taste of the symphonic side before it kicks into full force metal. Turn up the volume and bang your head or so …


Get Eleventh Hour music here:            


Eleventh Hour are:

Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocals
GianMaria “Black Jin” Godani – Bass
Luca Mazzucconi – Drums
Aldo Turini – Guitars
Alberto Sonzogni – Keyboards

guest vocals: Susanna Carboni – Soprano

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