Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015)

Wings Of Destiny – Time (2015)

Definite Edition

Oh boy, what names these bands choose … I mean this time really it must have been some wings of a fortunate destiny that carried this album into my vision. Or hearing. What I read upfront: Wings Of Destiny hail from Costa Rica, a place that is not famous for bands of that kind. (Though now I think of it I got an album in my collection from a Costa Rican band called Sonus In Artis that is much in the same vein, quite nice.)

Back to Wings Of Destiny: The band formed in 2013 as plain Destiny, and released their first album in May 2014 on their own and then again in January this year on the POWER PROG label in Germany. The band plus label then decided to make sure no complications arose from having the same name as a Swedish metal band of long standing, so hey presto, the band was renamed to Wings Of  (inspired by Judas Priest or Rhapsody, that is the question …). The album was re-released as a definite edition in July, including the brand new song From Shadows To The Light.

And as such it landed in my player.

Wings Of Destiny - Time (2015), progressive power metal from Costa Rica

Time (2015, definite edition)


1. Destiny
2. Fallen Angel
3. Time
4. I Saw An Angel Cry
5. From Shadows To The Light
6. Forgive But Not Forget
7. Into Black Horizon
8. I Want Out (Helloween Cover)
9. Nothing Last Forever
10. Fallen Angel


The first impression of the album: great power prog, very playful, very much musicianship showed, good arrangements and interesting songs. Very much in the vein of Royal Hunt, though the band don’t cite them as influence, and Rhapsody (Of Fire). Tons of melodic keys, guitars, a great vocalist and very good compositions.

There was not a single song that I found lacking, but there also wasn’t one that got stuck on first listen too. Or let’s say the best starter for hit position is Fallen Angel.

Anyway, Time is worth more than just a couple of listens, because Wings Of Destiny have such a versatility, and they manage to pack so many ideas and diverse parts into their songs that it is pure pleasure. Instrumental fills, bridge parts, changes of feel – they all combine to make the songs so interesting and giving a complexity that is not usual in pure power metal. They even manage to make a Helloween cover interesting (I detest Helloween …).

I’ll mention the track Forgive And Not Forget here, it is a pure Royal Hunt rip-off, (reminiscent of A Life To Die For album) but I confess like it very much (or that’s why I like it).  And I’ll mention Nothing Last Forever, a very quiet, semi acoustic track, lots of piano and keys to underline the great vocals.

Wings Of Destiny are already working on their second album, which is great news! Fabio Lione has contributed already, a fitting musician I’d say. So hopefully in not too long a time I’ll be reviewing the sophomore work here as well.

And here goes …


Get Wings Of Destiny music here:    

Wings Of Destiny are:

Anton Darusso – Vocals
Andres Angulo – Drums
Alejandro Amador – Keyboards
Allan “Kalay” Murillo – Guitar
Cristian Jiménez – Guitar
Jose Pablo Sequeira – Bass

Guest artists:
Josue Vargas – Guitars
Roberto Tiranti – vocals on Fallen Angel (the second one)
Marco Castro – Vocals on “From Shadows To The Light”, Keyboards, programming & guitars
Bryan Salas – Bass

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