Zierler – Esc (2015)

Zierler – ESC (2015) review


Zierler - ESC 2015 progressive metal release

ESC – 2015


1. A New Beginning
2. Aggrezzor
3. Darkness Delight
4. Dark To The Bone
5. Evil Spirit
6. Married To The Cause
7. No Chorus
8. Rainheart
9. You Can’t Fix Me No More
10. Water
11. Whispers


Zierler, here we come … and so do they.

The title of the first song A New Beginning is probably referring to the formation of this band, as Zierler is a kind of an heir to the renowned Beyond Twilight, and a supergroup, featuring Finn Zierler (Beyond Twilight) as founder and keyboard player, the formidable Kelly Sundown Carpenter on vocals (Beyond Twilight, AdagioDarkology, … ), Bobby Jarzombek (Fates Warning, Juggernaut, Halford, …) on drums,  Per Nilson (Scar Symmetry) on guitars and bass and Truls Haugen (Circus Maximus) as a touring member on bass and vocals.

I eagerly awaited the Zierler release, as almost everything Sundown was involved in over the past few years has blown me away, and Finn Zierler is a case of its own, if you know him at all. Oh wow, still when it was finally here I was not prepared for it.

A New Beginning starts off with static repetitive, abrupt guitar chord­ progressions and chromatic piano lines running in the back, creating from the start an atmosphere of pure madness.  Words fail me, almost, to describe anything so fantastic as this album.

The staccato guitar riffs, at times persistently repetitive are an important medium used throughout the album. The repetitions enhance the madness. The riffs themselves and the harmonies are complex, lots of chromatic and pentatonic progressions are used. Finn Zierler throws in crazy fast arpeggios and classical allusions while layering the keys in beautiful melodies en masse at other times counteracting the strangeness.

The feeling of having entered a world of madness is created so easily and faultlessly, that when suddenly the mood changes – ­ as happens in what I will call chorus for convenience’s sake of Darkness Delight for instance ­you feel that you have at last reached a place, where you are secure and sheltered and all the world is in harmony. The next second yet you are ripped back again into the crazy world of Zierler.

Going back tot he point of chorus, there is not really any chorus or much of a recognisable song structure anywhere about.

In fact when I reached track 7, called No Chorus all my first impressions were confirmed to the full. No Chorus is nothing less than a lecture in sociology, a discourse on norms, sanity and rules of behavior.

­­ ­­ Fuck the norm … Why do anything the normal way when we can do it the right way?

sings Sundown, and

I am so bored of verse, bridge and chorus …
This song has no chorus!

This song has no chorus is the hookline of this singularly weird ode to non­-conformity. Ironically, this hook could well prove to be the most memorable chorus in all the songs of the whole album …

If you have any doubts, go to Zierler homepgae and read a bit about Finn. Finn Zierler has been nominated as ‘Most excentric musician’ and is known to have composed music locked up in a dark attic, submerged under water and living in the streets of London. In the case of Zierler he seems to have managed to gather round him a band of musicians who fully endorse his excentricities. The album is one hell of a ride of hard modern prog metal defying all rules executed by the best musicians you could possibly find for just that thing. Zierler, I salute you.

And now, get your own dose of madness!



Get Esc here:              EBAY.DE (self imported from USA)

Zierler are:

Finn Zierler – keyboard, piano
Kelly Sundown Carpenter – vocals
Bobby Jarzombek – drums
Per Nilson – guitars and bass
Truls Haugen – touring member, bass and vocals.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. AnonymousityMe says:

    Best album of his, i even have it over Section X. From the utter evil misery of A New Beginning” “Darkness Delight” and “Dark To The Bone” Rest is a bit more lightISH and “Epic” it´s really what you would expect from someone like Zierler and well. He´s not the only one to praise, i dont know how he approaches songwriting,

    if Kelly is writing a lot of the lyrics and songstructures aswell, and Per Nilsson is writing the majority of the riff section.

    Personally, i could imagine Zierler being capable of writing and arranging such complex music almost all by himself, which would make him be one of the most complex musical brains in music i thinnk..

    It´s defintetely imo better than “Deconstruction” or “Ziltoid 2” By Devin Townsend(ranks among his worst efforts i think) But still, Devin fame wise have his crowned years, Zierler also hense his not touring with the project, will always stay away from the limelight i suppose, and i think he´s fine with that.

  2. jønne Rantzau says:

    Wonderful! Finally I found something similar to Section X – Beyond Twilight. Rock forever Zierler!

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