Adagio metal band

Adagio metal band

Adagio metal band

Adagio 2011


Adagio was a French neo-classical progressive metal band headed by guitarist Stéphan Forté who wrote all the songs, and Kevin Codfert, a piano virtuoses of exceptional talent.  Their first release was a neoclassical creation pure, but over the time the music got darker, heavier and more powerful. Complex songstructures played on a very high level of skill were the basis of a really unique sound.

With the worldwide release of the first album Sanctus Ignis, a neoclassical progressive release, Adagio metal band was established as a strong contender for the Best newcoming progressive metal act 2001.



To the question: ”How would you describe Adagio metal band?” Stéphan Forté replies:” If I had to dedicate my life to create one, and only one painting, it would be a black and glossy painting, describing a detailed scene of the apocalypse, with beauty, passion and above all a strong dramatic dimension. The particularity of this painting is that it would have a size increasing constantly, each time getting deeper and wider”

Underworld is the second album released 2003


With a rather stable line-up Adagio started to tour now, mostly in France and Spain but they also had some shows in Japan, the UK, and some other European countries. Highlights are probably ProgPower USA (2004) and ProgPower Europe (2004 and 2010).

Dominate (2005) saw a new singer Gus Monsanto and the following years a lot of gigs were played.

In 2008 again Adagio parted with their singer to hire Christian Palin. He recorded Archangels In Black (released 2009) and left the band again shortly after.


Adagio was last heard from in the end of 2012 when they posted the demos for two new songs on youtube. They stated there that a new release was scheduled for 2013, but that never happened … or not yet, I’ll not give up hope …

Kevin Confert became a producer and opened a studio, where he did Myrath’s Tales Of The Sands album (really great oriental progressive power metal, I will do a post about them soon)

Stephan Forte has released two solo albums of instrumental progressive metal, listen to this track here, strange keys, hammering guitars and then the outworldly solo git:

Adagio releases:

Sanctus Ignis (2001)
Underworld (2003)
A Band in Upperworld (Live-Album, 2004)
Dominate (2005)
Archangels In Black (2009)

and Stephan Forte’s solo albums ‘The Shadows Compendium’ 2010 and ‘Enigma Opera Black’ 2014

Last known Line Up

Stéphan Forté / Guitar
Kelly Sundown Carpenter / Vocals
Franck Hermanny / Bass
Kevin Codfert / Keyboards
Eric Lebailly / Drums




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  1. […] Adagio is one of my favourite bands, but they haven’t been active for four years now, so it occured to me today to look up what Stephan Forte, the Adagio guitarist and band leader is up to nowadays. It seems he’s recently released a solo album, I must find out more soon, and will keep you posted. When on his page I happend to listen to this track below, where Stephan contributed a guitar solo. The main artist, Paul Wardingham is quite unknown to me, but I was curious. […]

  2. […] Palin now is the guy who recorded the vocals for Adagio’s ‚Archangels In Black‘ (2009), one of my most treasured albums. He didn’t stay long with the […]

  3. […] as founder and keyboard player, the formidable Kelly Sundown Carpenter on vocals (Beyond Twilight, Adagio,  Darkology, … ), Bobby Jarzombek (Fates Warning, Juggernaut, Halford, …) on drums,  […]

  4. […] I’d also like to mention other bands that Chrism is involved in, like Adamantra who have put out a solid second album of progressive meldoic metal last year, or Epicrenel, a power metal band featuring Chris Palin on vocals – I mentioned him before as new vocalist for Magic Kingdom and Ex- Adagio singer. […]

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