Female fronted power metal

Female Fronted Power Metal

Let me bet: I say female fronted metal you think: Nightwish

Female fronted power metal - Triosphere

Female fronted power metal – no this isn’t Nightwish

Nightwish of course is an exceptional band in every way, as regards innovativeness, musicianship and technical skill. I only once in my life saw a band who attempted to play a Nightwish tribute show. Not only was their vocalist a poor tribute to Tarja Turunen, they also had two keyboarders on stage to do Tuomas Holopainen’ job. So much for Nightwish.

But I’ll not talk about operatic metal here, a genre that I am not a friend of in any way … my album listens are short and my concert experiences were dreadful … I saw a band called Xandria live once supporting Kamlot on their European Silverthorn tour. A stout girl in a red dress with a Bavarian accent was the lead singer who trillered her way through a show that was neither inspirated nor entertaining, and the band seemed to hit the right notes at the right times sometimes more by accident and luck than by design.

Another band I saw live was Edenbridge. They were the headliner of a show that I happened to see – friends of mine were supporting. Edenbridge had just released a new album recorded with a real symponic orchestra somewhere in the Czech Republic, very likely a great album. The live show, and the songs, shorn oft the real orchestra and all the rest you can only do inside a studio were boring in the extreme. I don’t remeber if I even stayed to hear the third song.

There are bands however, who play great powermetal with a female lead singer.

Female fronted powermetal example one:



I saw Triosphere live on that same Kamelot tour, right before Xandria. I already knew the band before that – ha, the girl at the merch table almost fell down in unbelief when I bought the Triosphere CD before their show …

Quite unlike Xandria Triosphere delivered an engaging gig. Ida the singer has quite a stage presence and she hit it off with the audience from the beginning.

When the band themselves say: „First and foremost, Triosphere is a live-band with a passion for the energy one can only experience by interacting with a live audience!“ I second that.

Triosphere - female fronted power metal

My signed Triosphere album

Apart from a very impressing list of where and who they played with, Triosphere also earned a lot of attention and praise from the media and their first album Onward won the Metal Album of the Year award from “Just Plain Folks Music Org”.

A few facts: Triosphere hail from Norway and formed 2004.
The four piece line up: Ida Haukland – Vocal & Bass
Marius Silver Bergesen – Guitar
T.O. Byberg – Guitar
Ørjan Aare Jørgensen – Drums

They released a kind of demo in 2005 and the Onward 2006. After being noticed by AFM records in 2010 they released The Road Less Travelled and just recently, in Nov 2014 The Heart Of The Matter, their third album came out.

This third album is even more powerful and engaging than the first one, thogh both take a little time to grow on you.

visit Triosphere


Female fronted power metal example two:


Kerion - female fronted power metal from France

Kerion – female fronted power metal from France

Kerion are a French power metal band formed in 2002 from the band Kerlian who were an instrumental Prog metal band. When singer Flora joined they decided to create a new group rather than just continue under the old name with a very different sound.

The album CloudRiders Part I : Road to Skycity released in 2012, was the first one by the band to catch my attention. It is a conceptual album, you can read the story on the band homepage.

I only listened and gathered it must be dealing with ships and sailors of old, some of the songs have a flair of sea-shanty, vikings and drunken sailor to them that I particularly like in this case. This is underlined by flutes, violins and dark brawls of the – also great – male vocalist.

In contrast Flora’s vocals are strong, clear and powerful, not operatic, not harsh. In fact they work perfectly, also overlaid by choirs quite often, adding fullness.

The band are releasing Cloud Riders PT2 somewhere in the very near future, and I am so much looking forward to hearing the album. It also features guest appearances from Elisa C. Martin (Dark Moor, Fairyland, Dreamaker, Hamka…) and Phil Giordana (Fairyland) amongst others.

Visit Kerion


If you know any more awesome female fronted power metal feel free to leave a comment! In fact, I have already started on Part Two of this post and will be glad to cover any great band!

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